Soccer Fouls: How They Occur On The Field

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Soccer fouls occur all over the field, however different types of fouls may occur at different periods of the game. For example, if a team is passing quickly then there is a chance that the opposition might commit a foul by being late for a tackle. This will typically be an honest mistake, where the ball is missed but the man is taken out. These fouls are punished with a warning, unless a player commits multiple offenses. Then the yellow card is handed out.

Other fouls are more cynical. If a team has been defending but suddenly gets the ball, they will attempt a counter attack to catch out the opposition. This involves running to to the other end, with the ball, at pace. In order to stop counters, players commit cynical fouls and take out the man. These fouls are punished with yellow cards, given their more serious nature.

Fouls in the penalty area are the most serious of the lot. These are punished with a penalty kick. Referees must be careful while giving penalties, as players may sometimes feign contact and go down theatrically. Good referees must be able to spot true fouls from ones that are fabricated by attacking players.

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