What To Know About The Soccer Trap

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Soccer is a sport that is all about athleticism, because you need to be running up and down the field at all times. If you cannot keep up with that pace, you will inevitably struggle. However, it is also a sport that involves a lot of technical skill. The most technical aspect of soccer is probably the “trap”. Trapping the ball involves controlling it when it is passed to you by your teammate. Trapping must be done in a way so that you retain control of the ball, so that the opposition cannot steal it. However, trapping must also be done with a view to continuing a forwards moving attack.

This is why it is always important to trap the ball with the top of your foot. Many make the mistake of trapping with the bottom of their foot. This is a mistake as it will take longer for you to get the ball from under your foot. By trapping properly with the top of your foot, you will be able to seamlessly look upwards and forwards and continue the move with your team.

If you are going to spend hours on one skill, make it trapping. Getting a good first touch will make a monumental difference to your performance on the field.

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